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Featured Article - Roll Carton Stapler or Stick Carton Stapler

If you want your carton closing operation to increase in speed, we suggest you use a roll carton stapler.

A roll carton stapler, also known as a roll feed stapler, requires a rolled type of staple. A roll staple is a particular form of staple which is bound in rolls. Its dimensions are similar to that of a C-type staple when folded.

Using roll staples, or RR roll staples, to seal your corrugated boxes is an excellent option to consider if you want faster production rates in closing your boxes. This is because a roll staple has a standard number of 1000 staples per roll. Increased productivity is to be expected from a roll stapler since fewer reloads are needed when sealing your corrugated boxes as compared to a stick stapler. Roll s...

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